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5-1/2lb. Wood Maul

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This is a model of a 5-1/2lb. Wood Maul in F-scale. This is a wood tool. Both the head and handle were usually wood. Most had a steel ring attached at each end of the head to help keep the mallet from splitting apart during impact.

This logging detail part is a model of an early version of a steel-head sledge hammer used today.

Note; All of my white metal casting parts are noted in F-scale (1:20.32) measurements. That being said, all or most, can also be used on any other Large Scale Model. If you need measurements of a part that may interest you confirmed, please contact me with your request.

I also design and run new molds for vendors, clubs and any special part or project you might be thinking about. Give me a call and we can talk about how we get it done.